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Arabic Grocery Stores

Los Angeles is renowned across the globe for its diversity. As immigrants from many eclectic regions have settled in the Southern California city, they have brought with them a number of Arabic culinary traditions that stretch back for centuries. Among Arabic Grocery Stores, Sabzee Mediterranean Market stands out for its personal touch, friendly atmosphere and above all, the incredibly diverse flavors found in our foods and spices.

With a history that stretches back for thousands of years, the Mediterranean region is one of the most culturally rich on the globe. That’s why it should come as no surprise that our Middle Eastern grocery selection accommodates a wide range of food preferences and restrictions.

At Sabzee Market, our Persian groceries include the sort of affordable staples like rice, bread, herbs and Mediterranean cooking oils that have convinced many to place us ahead of other Arabic grocery stores. Yet, our selections are so diverse that we are just as frequently celebrated at Encino’s most authentic Russian grocery store. Our fresh produce, meat, seafood, and delicious pastries have inspired in a number of Russian immigrants the memories of European and Asian cuisine that represent centuries of culture.

For a taste of the Mediterranean that offers nutritious authentic foods you expect from the best Arabic grocery stores, as well as flavorful cuisine from throughout Europe and Asia, you need look no further than Sabzee Mediterranean Market. Located in Encino, we are happy to provide every one of our guests with the nutritious, artful and delicious foods that are the cornerstone of a timeless culture.