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About Us

Sabzee Market is your neighborhood Greengrocer. That makes it easy to remember that Sabzee is Persian for green. Why shop at a giant supermarket when you can find everything you need with the personal touch and a friendly atmosphere?

Our famous selection of Mediterranean and other groceries from around the world includes Greek, Persian and East Asian spices ready to make your exotic meals memorable and your home cooking reminiscent of your ancestral home. We also carry the dry staples like beans, rice and flour you need to make the basics in any regional cuisine.

In addition to our shelves stocked with dried foods and canned products, we also carry fine produce from around the world. Not only do we carry California’s regional fruits and vegetables, and vegetables from Europe, but we also specialize in the produce of the Mediterranean region. Everything you need for Mediterranean cooking is here at Sabzee market.

Come in and you’ll find that we also have a well-stocked deli section, a bakery full of fresh pastries and breads to remind you of faraway Mediterranean villages and towns, and a fully functioning florist shops where you can prepare a bouquet or buy a live plant for decorating or for a special occasion.

To round things off, we also carry the items you need for everyday life, like cleaning supplies and tissues. Why shop elsewhere, when Sabzee Market has you covered?

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