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Meat and Seafood

Mediterranean cuisine boasts some of the tastiest meat and seafood dishes on the planet. Whether you’re looking to make such traditional delicacies as kebab and shawarma or want to cook other meat, poultry, fish or seafood dishes, Sabzee Market boasts a delectable assortment of offerings at all price levels. We stock a full selection of both halal and kosher meats. Whatever your dietary choices or restrictions, Sabzee Market has the selection to cater to your particular needs.

First Rate Choices

In addition, we stock a full selection of seafood of all types, beef, lamb, pork, turkey, and chicken. Our friendly butchers will be happy to offer you cooking suggestions and point you in the right direction regarding appropriate spices and fixings. Whether you want to make traditional Greek style lamb chops, souvlaki, or salmon, or want to make an authentically American hamburger or barbecued ribs, Sabzee Market makes it easy for you to get all the necessary ingredients together, starting with the right selection of meats.

Top Quality

Naturally, all of our meat and seafood products are of top quality. Only the freshest products from the most reliable of producers are to be featured. At the same time, Sabzee Market knows you’re not made of money. Our meat products are competitively priced. Value is always king at Sabzee.

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