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Breads of the World

There’s nothing quite like fresh baked goods, and the bakery at Sabzee Market has some of the most diverse selection of breads from around the Mediterranean and all over the world. Whether your preference is the exotic breads of Persian, Greek, Turkish, or Middle-Eastern descent or the ever-popular transnational pita, we have a full selection of the most delicious and savory – and often very hard to find – breads of the Near East.

We also have a full line of European style breads, including French baguettes and Italian-style loaves, and, course, bagels. And, of course, we have the straightforward sandwich breads popular here in the United States, from hamburger buns to loaves of wheat and white breads.

International Desserts

As for baked desserts we have a selection that starts with baklava and goes to the ends of the earth. We also stock a selection of Western-style cakes, donuts, pastries, pies, and more. Speaking of cakes, we bake a full range of traditional items and more unusual items. Whether you’re seeking a delicious birthday cake for a children’s birthday party or something a bit more sophisticated to top off a more grown-up affair, Sabzee Market offers a full range of first rate bakery desserts.

When it comes to bakery items from around the world, Sabzee Market has what you’re looking for.

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