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At Sabzee Market we carry the produce you need to make your table beautiful and fragrant – and extremely delicious. You and your family deserve nothing short of the best produce in the world.

In Greek mythology, the Cornucopia was the horn of the goat goddess Amalthea, who fostered young Zeus when he was in danger from the evil Titan, Cronus. As the legend goes, Zeus broke off one of the goat’s magical horns, and it became an unending supply of sweet fruits and nourishing vegetables. The produce section at Sabzee Market is the modern cornucopia where the best tasting vegetables are always in ready supply. Come browse our selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, and you’ll find everything to create your own “horn of plenty” at home.

We have everything you need to bring nutrition to your family and all your loved ones with our seasonal fruits like California-grown citrus, and avocados so fresh you can still smell the orchard. In addition to our local selection are regional exotic fruits and vegetables like Longan, Mediterranean grapes, guava, passion fruit, grape leaves bitter melon and more. In the autumn, expect fresh squash and pumpkins, and in the summer we’re sure to carry ripe cherries, ready to eat.

Sabzee Market’s produce section is your modern day cornucopia.

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