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There’s nothing like a delicious pastry to start your day, to top off a special meal, or just to enjoy as a special treat. From such Mediterranean sweets as baklava to Koulourakia and traditional cookies made with dates or walnuts, Sabzee Market offers a full range of traditional delights.

Treats from Around the World

When it comes to European pastries, we naturally begin with the ever popular French and worldwide favorite, the croissant. Whether you’re looking for a butter croissant or one filled with chocolate or other delicious fillings, both sweet and savory, Sabzee Market is pleased to present this worldwide superstar of pastries. We also offer all of the more popular pastries of Europe and America, ranging from Danishes and donuts to strudel, biscotti, tortes and tarts.

On the savory side of the pastry spectrum, we also have a range of traditional turnovers both sweet and fruity and savory from all over the world. That would definitely include the Greek favorite, spanakopita, with spinach and feta, and numerous other flaky and delicious treats.

Great Selection

Both the sweetest of treats or a tasty, quick savory snack or lunch item are available in the pastry section of Sabzee Market. We offer only the finest in quality, value, and mouthwatering tastes. Whatever your taste, we have the perfect pastry for you right here.

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