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Fresh Mediterranean Market

As the health and wellness benefits of the Mediterranean diet have been celebrated in recent years, a number of Southern California residents have been clamoring for a fresh Mediterranean Market. At Sabzee Mediterranean Market, Los Angeles residents get fresh, nutritious foods and spices from the rich Mediterranean region and much more.

Thanks to our incredibly diverse selection of spices, produce, meats and baked goods, customers from a variety of backgrounds have found at Sabzee Mediterranean Market precisely what they need to recreate the flavors of their homeland. To many, Sabzee Market is a wholly authentic Persian market, offering the hearty soups and kebabs the region is famous for. However, you can also find a staggering amount of organic, vegetarian, vegan, Kosher and Halal options making us the ideal Greek, Indian, Russian, Israeli and Middle Eastern grocery store as well.

Our fresh Mediterranean Market is always fully stocked with the produce, meats and spices that are essential for building some of the most vibrant flavors from around the globe. However, the Mediterranean experience actually begins simply upon entering the market. With charming sights smells of our florist to the delicious aromas from our bakery, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a busy hub on the banks of the famed Mediterranean Sea!

While we have deservedly made a name for ourselves as Encino’s premier fresh Mediterranean Market, we also offer a number of essential items for everyday life like cleaning supplies and tissues. This ensures that we truly are a one-stop shop for Los Angeles residents who appreciate truly timeless and culturally rich cuisine.