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Greek Grocery Store

While Sabzee Market is known to many as a Greek grocery store, the neighborhood market also features a broad selection of spices and flavors from around the Mediterranean. In fact, the diversity of culture at this Greek grocery store makes for an assortment of Persian groceries that will satisfy any taste for regional cuisine. From the aromas of our well-stocked deli and bakery to the charming sights of our florist shop, you will swear you’re in the middle of a traditional Persian square at Sabzee Mediterranean Market.

Whether our customers are looking for the regional specialties of a Greek, Persian, or a Russian grocery store, they can almost always find what they need at Sabzee Market. We stock a full selection of both kosher and halal meats, as well as fine produce from around the world. Traditional dried goods like beans, rice and flour are also in abundance, ensuring our customers can find the ingredients necessary to make any traditional Mediterranean dish.

While Sabzee Market is the authentic choice for regional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern groceries, we are also accessible to anyone in Southern California seeking nutritious and flavorful groceries at reasonable prices. Whether you’re looking to stock your kitchen with fresh produce, meat and fish, sweet regional pastries or even California staples like wine and spirits, you’ll find what you need at Sabzee Mediterranean Market. Be sure to check for our weekly ads for coupons and specials. For any questions about our authentic regional market, call us at 818-745-1313.